A husband to be wants to have a domastic discipline relationship with his fiancée


James and lori anne had been dating sence high school.they met at church.they both attended a strict fundinental Baptist church. It was full of rules. 

They were almost done with colege.everyone expected that they would soon be engaged. There friends and family were waiting with bated breath .they could not wait to plan a wedding.

One day they went out to dinner. After the meal he took out the ring.”lori anne will you marry me? “HE asked.

She was so excited. She hugged him.she repeated yes over and over again.  She was beginning to think that he was not going to ask her. Now he had. 

“Before we go any futher there are a few things i wish to discus firs”james told her. She was suprised and taken aback. He had the heart of an accountant.  He always dotted his eyes abd croswd his ts. He always considered every contingency.  He was a strategist.  She had known that about him.she had come to accept it. 

“Ok!”she said. “I believe that as the husband i will be head of the house.”he said.”yes of course.  You know i believe that.  “She assured him. “It is your duty to submit to my authority.  “He told her. 

“I know that.  Do you think i wont do that. Have you any reason to doubt my ability ir willingness to submit?” she asked. “No but i like to be upfront and honest. You should have all the facts before hand. ” james said.”ok. “She said.

“I am a firm believer in domastic disiplne relationship.  ” he admited.”you want to spank me?” she asked.”we will have clearly spelled oyt rules. Yes spanking is one form of punishment under domastic disiplne but it is not the only one. There are time outs,writing and reading assignments.  Not just spanking. ” he told her. 

“Spanking would be an acceptable form of punishment under this program.  I realy must incist that you agree to this before we can become officially engaged. ” he told her.

” the rules need to be clearly spelled out. I can agree to that. ” she told him. 

They both wrote out rules and expectations. They agreed on rules and responsibilities. They agreed on punishments as well. The rules were to be posted in the kitchen. 

They were maried and went on there hony moon.after a week they came back. Things want well. They were happy.

One day she was in a bad mood. She was sassy and unpleasant.  She wore a green t shirt,black skirt snd barefoot. He made her stand in time out for ten minutes.  He had her do a bible study on not murmuring or complaining. 

She came over and apologized.  They hugged and cuddled for a while. After a while things returned to normal.  

One day she was again grumpy. She was meen. He warned her to tone it down. She got nastier. He decided she needed a spanking.he made her wait in a time out chair. 

He brought to the bedroom. He asked her to hyke up her skirt and pulled down her panty. He put her over his knee. He patted her but at first.  He struck a little harder.she started to cry. He went a little longer.

He huged her.they cuddled. Then she apologized. He told her not to let it happen again. She agreed. The rest of the night went well. 

The end. 

This is a work of fantasy. I am not a perponent of domestic discipline relationship. I fear it gives too mutch power to the husband.  It is a fun fantasy. I want to keep it that way.